Kid's Drumsets
Kid's Drumsets

Kids Drumsets - Comparison
A kids drumset guide to help you with your purchase.

Find cheap kids drumsets and inexpensive junior drumsets here. Not sure which cool kids drumset you want to buy for your little drummer? You've come to the right place. This Drumset Comparison Chart will help you decide on the best drumset for your little drum bum. Check out our Kids Drumsets FAQ for hints, tips and advice on buying kids drum sets. Feel free to call us anytime with drum set questions you may have at 1-800-DRUMBUM.
Kids Drum Set
Children's Drum Set
kids drumsets
DS- 30  Best!
DS- 31  Best!
Kid's Toy Drumset - Ages 3 to 6.
On sale! A great deal for the money. Metal parts & tuneable lugs. A great starter kids drum set. Now available in 3 colors!
- Kids Drumsets - Discontinued

Bridgecraft Kid's Drum Set - 12" -
Ages 3 to 6
. A three piece drumset designed to emulate an adult drumset This quality drumset is available in 6 awesome colors! - Kids Drumset *MOST POPULAR
Bridgecraft Kid's Drum Set - 16" -
Ages 3 to 8. This 3 piece drumset is built with surprising durability considering their size. This drumset is available in 6 awesome colors! - Kids Drumsets

Kids Drumset
Kids Drum set
kids drumsets
Kids Drumsets - Ages 3 to 5.
This 3 piece drumset is built to resemble an adult drumset only smaller. Also has real wood drum shells for added durability. This drum set is available in 3 colors.
- Childs Drumset
Kid's Drumset - Ages 3 to 10. More pieces like a grown up drum kit including a hi-hat stand and floor tom. Sized smaller for young children. Available in 2 colors.
- Kids Drumset - Discontinued
Kids Blue Swirl Drumset - Ages 6 to 10.
Free seat included. More quality and attention to detail in this kit. This kids drumset has exciting blue flame design that kids will love. - Kids Toy Drumset
toy drumset
Kids Drum set
Kids Starter Drumset
Childs Toy Drumset - A unique multi-functional child's instrument which will have young children drumming away. Parents will enjoy the durability of this toy drumset because they won't have to worry about broken drum heads when kids hit too hard. - Childs Toy Drum
Kid's Drum Set - A great entry level drum set. 5 great pieces including bass, tom tom and snare. This is a great kids drum set for ages 6 to 11. This kids drumset is available in 3 cool colors. - Kids Drumsets Teen Drumset or Starter drumset - The perfect starter drumset or entry-level drumset for young teens or young adults. This is a great step up when your child has outgrown their kids drum set. Available in 9 colors! - Beginner Drumset
Kids Drum Set
kids Drum Sets
Drumfire Junior Drum Set - This junior-sized drum set features all the quality and advantages of a full-sized drumset model. Great for kids ages 8 and up. Available in 2 colors. - Kids Drumset Drumfire Teen Drum Set - Young drummers will love this entry-level drumset. Everything you need is included. This kids drum set is great for ages 12 & up. Available in 2 colors. - Teen Drumset  

Guide to Buying Kids Drumsets

Call 1-800-DRUM BUM

Choosing the right drumkit for your child can be a challenge. Hopefully this style / pricing guide helped just a bit. When shopping for kids drumsets, you need a company you can trust. Drum Bum, Inc. is now in our 17th year and we've served up thousands of drumsets for kids through the years. We run our company by the Golden Rule and you can always trust that we have your best interest at heart. Feel free to call us anytime with child drum set questions you may have. - 1-800-DRUMBUM


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