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Words cannot express how happy I am with my son's Bridgecraft 12" red drum set. He fell in love with his first little drum at the age of 9 months. So by the time he turned 1, he was in love with the noise and the drum. Eating, sleeping and bathing with his drum sticks. My heart was heavy while watching my 15 month old son watch the church drummer holding his little junior drumsticks that he use to drum on church tambourines or single drums. I vowed then in my heart and mind that I will find my baby a drum set that had it all (stool, snare, bass drum, and cymbal).

When the set made it to the house I wanted to leave work, pick up my baby and take him to his very own set. Before I could make it to the house my son's drummer uncle had put the drum together, tuned the drum and had it waiting for him. To my son, Evan's, amazement he had a set just like my nephew's that he could sit, play the pedal and the cymbal simultaneously. I am more than happy, pleased and satisfied with the Bridgecraft 12" drum for my now 17 month-old. And he has been enjoying them as they sit in the living room in front of the television as he watch John Blackwell.

Thanks for making the search so effortless and easy. The picture of the sets and the measurements assisted my search for my toddler. And the sticks are a perfect length as he sits on the stool and he can still reach the cymbal and the drum without holding his arms in a weird position.

Christina Smith
Single Mom and

Kids Drumsets

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